Adom is getting ready for 2023 with the latest music video, “Fame,” which has received over 10 million views and aired on MTV.

Maria Menounos | 10 Mar 2023

Adom, a musician from New York, is getting ready to simultaneously release two more singles at the end of October. This evening” is an instrumental track that takes special care of the sync and electronic world in any semblance of Gigantic Assault and Hans Zimmer. The second song is a pop R&B track that would work well on pop radio stations.

Adom writes songs across a wide range of musical styles as a solo artist, producer, and performer. Adom tells us, “I truly believe you have to be more diverse in your writing and producing in the music industry of today because there are so many talented artists doing the same or even more talented than myself.”

Adom recalls that the music he wrote for the band Boston at the beginning of his career fell into a particular genre and appealed to a particular group of people. His independent record label and new projects give him creative leeway in his music and allow him to break out of the box and go in a certain direction. The early stages of the song’s development determine its focus, not a genre.


New York-based performer ‘Adom’ has taken his vocation from composing and creating for different specialists to make his unique sound. The multi-instrumentalist’s profession began at an early age composing tunes for BOSTON, one of the top-selling musical crews with more than thirty million records sold.

He used to understand the song patterns of major artists like Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, and Def Leopard as a child because of their well-produced sound. He likewise concentrated on the music of James Brown and Michael Jackson, and how they become one with the score and entertainers like Bono of U2 that can sing from a Close delicate vocal to an energetic cry and chill creator minutes.

Music was everywhere Adom went throughout his life. Fran Cosmo was the lead singer for Orion the Hunter (Epic Records) with his father. Additionally, he was a member of the band Boston.

Adom’s catchy chord changes and melodies reveal a genuine artist whose diverse vocals have the power to provoke a profound response. He has always had a passion for songwriting in his veins.

Guitar was his first instrument. He initially discovered that he performed better as a lefty after learning to play right handed.

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