Meet Artist cum Lyricist | Jordan Ward

Maria Menounos | 02 Nov 2022

In our day to day existence, it appears as though there’s continuously something to cause stress, uneasiness, or stress, from tensions of society to profession objectives to just assumptions we … Read More

Meet Female Business people | Ashley Greene

Maria Menounos | 17 Oct 2022

New children on the blockchain! Most popular for playing vampire Alice Cullen in The Nightfall Adventure establishment, Ashley Greene is taking her gifts from Hollywood to the Metaverse. The entertainer … Read More


Maria Menounos | 30 Sep 2022

Amsterdam-based, silver-blonde songstress Nina June fabricates melodies from the remnants of past sentiments, fellowships, and her stresses over the world. On November 26th, Nina will deliver her full-length collection Meet … Read More