Maria Menounos | 12 Jan 2023

Prompted by the (then) upcoming birth of her child, Jenna Lotti took on the mysteries of motherhood to reflect on her own childhood, how her trauma shaped her life, and how the process of becoming a mother pushed her towards exploration and self-healing. All of this through one of the most beautiful and sincere songs we’ve heard in quite some time.

Premiered today exclusively on Flaunt, “Born In the Middle” is a very intimate and vulnerable work of art, in the fullest sense of the word. The song is tender and delicate, almost fragile in a way, perhaps reflecting both a compromised state of mental health and a tiny life developing in the womb. The song narrates Jenna’s very first panic attack, as well as her early life and upbringing as a middle child struggling with anxiety and depression.

In Jenna’s own words: “’Born in the Middle’ represents the rebirth of my mental health, becoming a mother and a new chapter of music.”

Though somewhat folksy and minimalistic, “Born In the Middle” is no less lacking in emotional impact, primarily due to the very raw honesty in Jenna’s voice and lyrics. There’s a genuine sense of bittersweetness as we look back alongside her on that rough period in her life, while also knowing that the present is so much better. 

Relying on some unorthodox acoustic guitar sounds, the ethereal track has an undeniable mystical and psychedelic slant to it, courtesy of Jenna’s own journey. As she puts it, “I did a psychedelic integration with psilocybin, hence the mushrooms in the artwork. [laughs] That experience shifted something in my brain and I’ve felt different ever since.” 

For expectant mothers, the process can be one that’s filled with anxiety and uncertainty. And for someone with unresolved issues, the situation can be even more taxing. A particularly poignant line in the lyrics has Jenna telling us “It’s a shame I was ashamed of therapy.” For her to come forward with such a personal story in such a beautiful and solid format isn’t just touching and valiant, but invaluable to hear for someone in a spot similar to hers.

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