Iconic House Artist Kerri Chandler Drops ‘Spaces And Places,’ His First Album In 14 Years

Maria Menounos | 31 Jan 2023

Legendary house producer Kerri Chandler is a true master of the game. The iconic artist has gone 14 years without an album release until September 26 when he dropped Spaces and Places.

The undeniable house heater boasts 24-tracks that range from soulful singing to jazz, pulsing basslines, piano, swirling synths and more. Indeed, the LP proves to be worth the wait.

Spaces and Places is inspired by Chandler’s love for space as well as how he recorded the album: in different clubs around the world. Here, Chandler shares with Forbes the inspiration behind the album, a song he sent to space, his first job growing up and more.

Kocay: Can you talk about the inspiration behind “Spaces and Places”?

Kerri: Chandler: “I’m an engineer at heart and I love anything to do with sound. That’s just how I work. I love sound systems. The other part of it is always [that I’m] fascinated with space. I’m on the board of METI, which actually listens to sounds and we send signals out to space. I’ve actually sent music out space to.”

Kocay: That’s so cool. What music did you send out to space?

Chandler: “It was my track, ‘Track One.’”

Kocay: That’s pretty dope. Hopefully some aliens heard it and got down to it.

Chandler: “Funny enough on my album cover, it looks like a globe or a map or something. It’s actually a map of fast radio bursts. That’s what they are. It’s actually the location of every signal that was picked up as a fast radio burst. We hear back from a lot of these places pretty often. There’s one particular place where there’s a fast radio burst every six weeks. It’s been going on for years now.”

Kocay: So I’m guessing when the public really has a chance to be able to go to space, you’re going to be like first in line.

Chandler: “Well, no. I’ll keep my feet on the ground. I really don’t even like flying airplanes.”

Kocay: This is your first album in 14 years. Can you talk about why now is the time to release an album?

Chandler: “Well, I had a lot of ideas and thought as time was going by, I always was doing a lot of remixes and a lot of just ones-offs and singles. I was traveling so much and I said I want to have some fun, because I would always keep a balance at some point between the studio and deejaying.

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