KAM KALLOWAY | New Single “KIZZY” With Smooth Appearance

Maria Menounos | 30 Sep 2022

Craftsman preneur Kam Kalloway is has formally delivered his exceptionally expected single named “Kizzy,” with a music video highlighting Smooth Woods. Kalloway and his maker Incredibly popular RJ reinvigorated a formerly ignored track. Following some freestyle test video shoots with cinematographer Quinn Hester, Kalloway returned to and restored this sharp single.

The tune addresses a side of club culture that Kalloway experienced in his time in Atlanta. Kalloway likewise enlightened topics of female strengthening in a party setting. The dirty and charming visuals are a side-effect of cinematographer Quinn Hester and VFX craftsman Jericho Patrick. The video highlights Simone Thompson, otherwise called Smooth Woods; an American design model and entertainer, with credits crossing from Rhianna to Marc Jacobs.

At the point when gotten some information about the record, Kam uncovers the Atlantic club scene fills in as immediate motivation.

“Kizzy” is here to show an alternate component of sounds from past deliveries, adding to Kalloway’s cutting of a tense and organized way through the fun loving convergence of R&B and hip-jump.

“Kizzy” shows up related to the send off of Kam’s new mark non mainstream name Twenty4 4Ever, who’s music inventory is enlivened by the energy of being the age 24 — considered on his birthday subsequent to earning 1,000,000 streams on his very first single delivery “Truly” highlighting Kayo Beginning the year before.

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