Meet business visionary Avi Koren

Maria Menounos | 14 Oct 2022

The appreciation for artistic work lies subjective depending on each person’s preferences. This eye for detail interests some to find unadulterated love in basic things, and for some others in one of a kind plan. Watches and gems are those uncommon belongings that exude something beyond time or style. They reflect fine craftsmanship, history, and optimistic plan.

One can rarely interpret one’s enthusiasm for these belongings into a productive type of revenue. We addressed business person Avi Koren about his affection for extravagance watches and gems and how he changed his enthusiasm into a gigantic worldwide business.

The excursion to becoming a luxury business person

Brought up in Belgium, Avi Koren began his company in 1999 with a little gold gems stock. Koren would go through hours upgrading his items, making them delightfully unique across the globe. This is an interest that he keeps on seeking after with watches at his stores by refining them and fitting them with uncommon, hand-cut jewels and valuable stones. “As a youngster, I assisted my folks in their gems with putting away in Belgium. Those little bits of exquisite plan and shimmer generally captivated me, and this curiosity has just developed throughout the long term. I would make a trip to various urban communities and nations and return with ageless bits of gems, frill, and watches to add to my assortment. I want to introduce these remarkable assortments of watches and adornments to clients for upgrading their assortment.”

In 2003, Avi moved his business activities from Israel to the US. Throughout the following twenty years, he extended his business named ‘Avi Koren’ to different urban areas, including Belgium, Dubai, Israel, and Hong Kong. His customer base incorporates tip top powerhouses and famous people, NBA football players, footballers from Genuine Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester Joined together, and individuals from Brazil, Netherlands, Britain, Croatia, and Belgium. As of now situated in Dubai, Joined Middle Easterner Emirates, Koren has been sharing his elite plans and way of life over his Instagram with more than 500,000 adherents.

Past the bling

“Extravagance holds various implications for various individuals. As far as some might be concerned, it is a superficial point of interest; for other people, it is significantly more than that. I accept that over everything, one ought to take a gander at each experience and honor in a lowering way.” Avi keeps on developing his assortment which incorporates goes from Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Cartier and then some.


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