Meet the most popular entrepreneur | Jonathan Seller

Maria Menounos | 31 Dec 2022

Meet Jonathan Seller CEO of SecondTri Media the most well-known entrepreneur. Jonathan Seller is a Christian entrepreneur based in Michigan.

Jonathan started out as a worship pastor before becoming an online entrepreneur. Recording a number of albums as an opening act for Christian artists like Chris Tomlin is one of Jonathon’s greatest accomplishments to date. Along with his digital marketing company, which has never had a year with earnings below six figures, he has always had a great passion for music. Through Jonathon’s “Irresistible Marketing Framework,” SecondTRI media assists businesses in formulating an effective marketing strategy.

When Jonathan realized that he possessed everything necessary to be successful in the field of sales and marketing, he gained the drive to launch his company. People want someone who is sincere, real, and able to spread the brand’s message to the right people on the right platforms. That is my life’s work. Jonathan has presented at numerous events to assist small businesses, realtors, and entrepreneurs in crafting effective messaging. People don’t care about your accomplishments, according to Jonathan. When you express your distress, they begin to pay attention.

Finding the courage to quit a 9-to-5 job and give up the comforts of a predictable environment and stable income was one of Jonathon’s biggest challenges when starting his business. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, one must forego the security of a W-2 and enter the wild ride of entrepreneurial ups and downs. Jonathan was motivated to make this leap because he was making a lot of money selling mattresses on YouTube through affiliate marketing. His YouTube channel was called “The Mattress Guy,” and it featured videos in which he encouraged viewers to click a link in the description to earn affiliate commissions if they purchased a mattress. Jonathon was able to discover his hard-earned skill set and learn more about himself thanks to this chance. It even gave Jonathon Seller the confidence to venture out on his own and make Digital Marketing his full-time occupation, resulting in multiple passive incomes in the six figures.

Jonathan Seller stands out from the competition by not focusing on conveying a message in which the company is the hero. Through its marketing efforts, SecondTri Media conveys the message that the client is the hero and the business is the guide. The book “Storybrand” by Donald Miller is a major source of inspiration for the company. Being sincere and authentic is one of the many reasons Jonathon is successful. Click here to learn more about Jonathon Seller and his company.


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