Meet Unal Bagdas – Fashion Blogger, Social Media Influencer & Content Creator Turkey

Maria Menounos | 09 Nov 2022

Born Instagrammers – yes, individuals born out of Instagram, but how? We often hear about them but how can anyone get that amount of quality to get tagged as an Instagrammer? It is as simple as we try our heads on. With just a profile set up on any particular niche you like, you are ready for a go-to on Instagram.

With a view to influencing their followers with their blogging style and content creation, these Instagrammers have a different form of lifestyle. Apart from their profession, they invest time in the platform trying to give the best they can share through it. A virtual life they lead, we can say.

Today, let us talk about one such Influencer on the Instagram platform. He is Unal Bagdas from Turkey. He is a Lifestyle Influencer having a well-known personality among his followers.

Influencing – why and how?

Before Instagram, when people were more into Facebook, Twitter, and other similar sites, the trend of influencing was unknown. It gained prominence in 2020 – the year of the pandemic. 2020 was the year for all internet users and the social media community. By then Instagram was already the top platform for social activity.

As the world got confined to home-bound restrictions making youngsters idle, they engaged in being more productive day by day. This youth does not just spend the day without being creative. Their cultivating minds run throughout different spaces and turn them toward the platform making personalized videos, first for fun but now in a profit-oriented way. Blogging, vlogging, and other similar content-making took the speed and occupied the feed space.

Instagram influencers are just like normal individuals but have an impact on their work and activities. A fashion blogger influences her fashionistas, an artist inspires his artistic community is a few examples. They are not celebrities who just engage in their work. They stay on the platform balancing both their work life and uplifting the spirits of their audiences with their influences.

Unal as an Influencer

Like so many content creators taking on the wheels of Instagram, Unal Bagdas too has accredited this quality soon. A simple lifestyle is more genuine when it comes to blogging. It narrates the ‘real’ you without faking anything about you. You are more to yourself and this in return establishes a pure connection between you and your followers. A similarity we find in this Influencer’s feed too. Unal Bagdas has very well fitted to this and today he can clearly claim to be an influencer for others.

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