Mohammed Kareem Dakhil Al-Mohaisen “M.K.D Al-Mohaisen”

Maria Menounos | 10 Nov 2022

A Businessman known for recreating Projects

Talk of business is an essential entity now. Moving from one country to another, we would find business tycoons creating their empires on a global base. A basketful of talent and here they are at any sector. Not only have they invested time in oneself but for others too. Multitasking in actually growth enhancement of all is going trendy in the business sphere. So, we again try to bring another individual into the limelight who the world must know well.

M.K.D Al-Mohaisen is an Iraqi Businessman who offers investment opportunities to all. Moreover, these chances get recreation with investment in start-ups and showing a future of growth to it.

M.K.D Al-Mohaisen – who is he?

Mohammed Al-Mohaisen is an Iraqi businessman and the owner of the JM Group International. Though he holds a doctorate in Psychology, M.K.D Al-Mohaisen shows traits of a business mind. He oriented his mind completely like a business guy and at a serious mode that he has created his enterprise’s prints all over the world. From Iraq, he is ruling the world with JM Group International.

JM Group International for Investment has its various departments with its delightful services to clients from different countries. With its wide bases operating focused on developmental and planning basis, it offshoots in several nations such as the Western Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and the GCC. The empire has its assets – MKD Construction LLC, MKD LLC, Nakhil Aljanoob MKD Construction LLC, King Group LLC, AL-zomourod LLC, Janatalmawa LLC and MKD Info LLC.

If you are pondering upon how he is operating his whole group at once, you must. As he has left no stone unturned in the process of development and being proficient at all. But first let us give an overview of his positions he hold in various places of repute.

Honors and Positions

  • M.K.D Al-Mohaisen is the President of the Federation of Arab Businessmen in the Caucasus.
  • He is the Member of the Golden Degree in the Iraqi Businessmen Union
  • Member of the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce
  • He is even the Member of the Lion Club
  • The Owner of MKD Holdings
  • Partner in the South Palm Oil Group
  • Owner of JM Group Asset Management
  • Owner of the trademark MKD

It is often said that multitasking drains your mind. But this business mogul has proved it all wrong. His grip on multitasking enables his creativity to diversify as it ties together various actions, thoughts and ideas when the mind is diffused. These intermingling of diverse creativity have found M.K.D Al-Mohaisen into a position where he has several honors acclaimed to his name. He has participated in investment projects worth 150 million dollars and has his business services operating six different spheres.

Service to offer

Mohammed Al-Mohaisen’s JM Investment is a UK joint stock company which got its formation in mid-2008 and the Arab Investors has the whole ownership over it. The prime purpose served by its investors includes fund investments with a core focus on maximizing resources and capitalizing on economically feasible and viable investment projects. The main key is to perfectly align with proper trade practices in agriculture, industrial and transport sectors enabling growth of the economy.

Having all its privileges and guarantees with applicable Investment Laws in the countries it contributes, free movement of capital occurs. However, it keeps a note on not to carry any activity of confiscation that would affect the assets.

How powerful he is as a business tycoon, is certain through a read above. But try finding yourself about Mohammed Al-Mohaisen, the power pact guy. The businessman’s circle of wealthy empire continuously broadens and to get an overview of it, visit &

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