Maria Menounos | 30 Sep 2022

Amsterdam-based, silver-blonde songstress Nina June fabricates melodies from the remnants of past sentiments, fellowships, and her stresses over the world. On November 26th, Nina will deliver her full-length collection Meet Me on The Edge of Our Ruin, which gathers this large number of considerations and sentiments into 10 smooth and sly courses of action.

Debuting today at Parade, Nina shares the authority music video for “The Great Reveal,” a cozy tune about “being infatuated with somebody who left you; what to do when the individual that you love has continued on yet involves your heart.” Composed with vocalist lyricists Jon Bryant and Ben Cramer (Old Ocean Detachment), the piece is a cooperation across 3 nations (The Netherlands, Canada, and the US) and 3 different time regions.

“We as a whole were a piece wary about composing from a distance, however it went shockingly well, and we composed the melody in no less than 3 hours.” Nina says. “We as a whole felt there was an enchanted thing to it. It seemed like this melody needed to be composed, and it needed to be composed by us.”

All through her profession, Nina has consistently made artistic pop tunes that deftly tell the stories of perplexing types of human association. The most recent collection and track are no special case.

The collection is co-delivered with Duncan Factories (Florence + The Machine) and delivered through Nettwerk Records.


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