The Talented DJ Pereira: Putting a Spotlight on Spanish DJs

Maria Menounos | 26 Sep 2022

Turning into a popular circle rider might appear as though no problem to the unenlightened. A few cynics would try and venture to guarantee that prevailing in the business requires no ability. Be that as it may, these presumptions couldn’t be farther from the real world. All things considered, the music scene has an exceptionally requesting and relentless climate. In that capacity, it takes somebody profoundly talented and committed to hang out in an ocean of yearning people, somebody like DJ Pereira.

The 27-year-old is perhaps of the quickest rising performer on the East Coast. He is a Heavy Hitter DJ and La X 96.3 NYC Radio DJ. Furthermore, he is a brand minister For 50 Cent’s cognac and alcohol organization, Branson Cognac.

Albeit brought up in Jackson Heights, Queens, the Colombian in every case gladly addresses his foundations and praises his legacy. As a matter of fact, his craftsman name gives proper respect to Pereira City, where his family is from.

What fans love about the skilled young fellow is his irresistible enthusiasm while performing, which makes certain to energize the group. Due to his unimaginable creativity, the DJ has amassed a significant following of more than 60,000 on Instagram. Furthermore, the performer was named DJ of the year in NYC and NJ by four different lofty associations in 2021.

Additionally, his new track “Stephanie” immediately became viral in a few states and, surprisingly, in different nations. Besides, the melody’s expression “Stephanie is that You” has advanced toward each Bad Bunny show as the initial DJs play it constantly.

Beside these amazing honors, DJ Pereira is likewise the main plate jockey inside the tristate region to do obstruct parties. These legendary occasions happened all over New Jersey and highlighted global specialists. That, however they are wide open.

Accordingly, the exceptional young fellow’s crowd has developed much greater. His show in La X 96.3 Hora Del Perreo has turned into the station’s #1 program, and the numbers continue to increment. Moreover, the gatherings ended up being an overall sensation and were called Guaracha Land, “A Fusion Of House Music with Spanish Riddims,” and fans even hailed DJ Pereira as the Guaracha King.

Most stunningly, he turned into an exceptionally perceived individual of note who is known for promoting the new reggaeton from Colombia. The class quickly developed into the most sultry sensation in the city and assisted put a focus on specialists with loving Blessd, Ryan Castro, and Feid.

To keep the ball rolling, DJ Pereira has previously booked additional impending occasions. On April 16, he will act in Mamajuana Cafe Queens. He even anticipates putting together a more terrific and a lot greater neighborhood blowout on May 15. Obviously, it will in any case be free and equipped towards uniting the local area.

Through DJ Pereira’s endeavors, he is helping set Spanish DJs up for life. Pushing ahead, the rousing young fellow sees himself turning into the greatest Spanish circle jockey in the United States. Yet, most importantly, he expects to proceed with his backing of carrying his companions to the front line of the music business.


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