Why Dr. Feline is known as a trailblazer of vaginal restorative medical procedure

Maria Menounos | 18 Mar 2023

Even though plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular, not many people are aware of the labiaplasty procedure, what it is used for, or even which part of the body it affects.

Labiaplasty is a surgery of lessening the size of labia minora, which are the skin folds on the two sides of the vaginal opening. This procedure is performed to artistically reshape and remove excess labia minora.

There are numerous reasons why women choose to have this surgery. Vaginal hygiene, exercise, sexual activity, infections, and other physical activities can be challenging for women with enlarged labia. Many women, prior to the procedure, feel self-conscious about their larger genitalia when they wear tight clothing and in romantic relationships; Women’s quality of life is significantly enhanced by the labiaplasty.

Despite the fact that labiaplasty is an intimate procedure that involves one of the most important female anatomy parts, very few female plastic surgeons perform and specialize in vaginal cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Cat Begovic, one of these surgeons, boasts of being a pioneer in vaginal cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Cat wrote a chapter on “labiaplasty” more than ten years ago for the textbook “International Textbook of Cosmetic Surgery.” She has performed hundreds of labiaplasty procedures since then, giving her a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetics and anatomy of this female anatomy region.

Dr. Cat has developed her own labiaplasty surgical method, which she uses to achieve a symmetrical, tucked-in shape that looks natural. The method used by Dr. Cat leaves patients with no pain and no visible scars. Dr. Cat combines the surgery with clitoral hood reduction to be gentle and to blend the curve in.

She is a true pioneer of vaginal cosmetic surgery because of her advocacy and efforts to normalize labiaplasty discussions and bring them to the forefront of everyday conversations, in addition to her experience and surgical techniques.

Dr. Cat actively tries to dispel the notion that vaginal cosmetic surgery is taboo through her presence on social media, appearances on television shows, and interviews. She always tries to explain to people why women have this surgery and why it’s normal to talk about it.

Being a woman herself, Dr. Cat is aware of the reasons why more women seek surgery, the sensitivity and concerns associated with it, and she encourages her patients to feel at ease and open up about their specific concerns in order to ensure a smooth procedure.

On her website, she has described the steps of the labiaplasty procedure in great detail. She also includes sections with information about what the patient needs to know before the procedure, during the procedure, and after the procedure to ensure the best possible outcome.

Labiaplasty is one of the most important female surgeries, requiring exceptional skill and precision, and it has been shown to improve women’s quality of life after surgery.

Dr. Cat is aware that each person’s anatomy is unique, as are their aesthetic preferences. She engages in patient and in-depth communication with her patients, comprehends and values their preferences, and creates a individualized plan for each patient to achieve exceptional and unmatched outcomes.

Dr. Cat is without a doubt a pioneer of vaginal cosmetic surgery due to her focus on precision and her outspoken support of labiaplasty.

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